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Photo by Doug Doppler

© 2023 by Stig Mathisen


Three-time Grammy winner with 15 million solo albums sold.
David Lee Roth, Whitesnake

Steve Vai

“Besides being an accomplished player with a gorgeous tone and personal touch on his instrument, Stig also holds a deep and solid understanding of music theory and how it can be used in guitar playing. In addition to his bullet proof reliability, inspired musical ear, rich understanding of music theory, supreme teaching skills, Stig is a total sweetheart of a person. He is centered, stable, uplifting and has a great sense of humor. Just thinking about him puts a smile on my face.”

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15-time Grammy Award nominee with over 10 million solo albums sold
Mick Jagger, Deep Purple

“Stig is an excellent guitarist and all around solid musician/performer. And, he’s got a great haircut too!"

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Recording Artist, Tribal Tech, Joe Zawinul, Chick Corea

“Stig and I have collaborated on many projects, but the main one is our MI Online class which has been the most successful class of it’s type at MI. I couldn’t have managed this class without Stig’s help and knowledge of the guitar, and also his marketing skills which was a big part of making the class a success. Stig is a great guitarist, and one of the easiest people to work with I’ve ever met. 

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The Rolling Stones, Miles Davis, Sting

“As a bassist who is also an endeavoring guitarist, my lesson with Stig was enlightening. As a world class guitarist and masterful educator he pointed out some of the subtle (and not so subtle) differences in the approach to guitar as compared to bass. He recommended specific exercises to help me address these deficits. His perspective has been invaluable.”

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Bass Legend. Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Frank Gambale

”Stig is a well rounded guitarist, and I should know, having played with most, if not all, of this generations greatest six stringers. What sets Stig apart from other guitarist is the knowledge that he has about different musical genres, from Michael Schenker to Alfred Schnitke, and the ease at which he can switch from playing rock/metal to his vast repertoire of jazz standards… He can really swing!"

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“Stig is not only an excellent guitarist, he has a unique understanding of music. He knows that the role of a guitar player can brilliantly enhance a song, as well as bring a band to the next level. He’s a professor of guitar, with his knowledge and expertise.  “Stig is Big” with all things guitar!"

Recording Artist, USC Professor

"Stig Mathisen is at the forefront of a new generation of highly-trained contemporary musicians, scholars and virtuosi - and what an inspiring player!"

Supertramp, recording artist, session guitarist

Carl Verheyen.jpg

"I’ve worked with Stig in many different capacities in the music business, and I’ve always found him to be one of those rare individuals that is constantly seeking more knowledge. His lifelong journey and quest for perfection as a player, teacher and a writer is rare and refreshing in this industry of “know-it-alls”.  And finally, Stig’s  presence of mind in everything he undertakes is a personal quality that translates immediately to his music. I look forward to hearing his output in the coming years."

Organ Freeman, MI Instructor

Erik Carlson.jpg

I have had the privilege of knowing Stig as a friend, boss and fellow musician for a number of years now. I observed his unparalleled skills as a department head and guitarist during my time on the guitar faculty at Musicians institute. He gave me many shots as a young guitarist coming up in the industry and even went out of his way to welcome me at a young age to the faculty at Musicians Institute. An experience for which I am deeply grateful. I learned much from him musically, philosophically and academically.


It is common to come across fickle people in this industry, but it rare to find such an individual like Stig. An individual that possesses, not only tremendous talent and intelligence, but an unwavering character. His musicianship, work ethic and intellect are a phenomenal representation of his integrity and his heart for a people who desire to learn and experience the joy of music.


In short, it is an honor to be able to call Stig a peer, colleague and a friend.

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Guitar Wizard, Recording artist, Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta, Richard Bona, John Pattitucci

“Stig is a real versatile and accomplished guitar player with great teaching skills when it comes to both music and guitar, and he’s an absolute pleasure to work with! I want to be like him when I grow up”

Chair of the Bass Program at Musicians Institute

Maurice 2.jpg

"I have the great fortune of knowing Stig as a friend, a colleague, and an inspiration. One of the most talented and well balanced people I know.  His performances are well worth the price of admission, his teaching skills are so effective (ask anyone in the room) and he is always available to help a friend.  The music, the laughter, the lessons and the “heart to hearts” that we have shared will always be part of my treasure box."


Brazilian Guitar Virtuoso

“Stig has not only an unique style of playing but his perspective over the instrument is something I haven’t seen anywhere else before. I think real masters can make their most complex theories sound simple and accessible for everyone to learn. And that’s what Stig does. Being his student just turned upside down the way I understand the guitar”

Philip Naslund.jpg

Multi-Platinum Producer, Songwriter, Guitarist

"I got to know Stig in 2012 when he was the head of GIT at Musician’s Institute. Aside from being blown away by his amazing playing, teaching abilities and musical knowledge, I found a great friend in Stig as well. People often talk about defining moments in their careers. For me, this happened when Stig helped in referring me to work for Paul Gilbert. Looking back, this was the defining moment for me to start working professionally with music, and I have Stig to thank for that.

From there, I have produced, written and played guitar on songs by A-list Artists ranging between a wide variety of genres - Pitbull, Daddy Yankee, Paul Gilbert and Bad Wolves to name a few."

MI Graduate, attendee at numerous Dreamcatcher Events with Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, etc

Chris Sommers.jpg

"Stig is that rare breed of guitar player with ferocious chops, stage smarts, a vast palette of styles and a complete intellectual grasp of the subject, coupled with the ability to teach others in a user-friendly manner. He defies the old adage "those that can, do; those that can't, teach" by doing both so well, always with a delightful disposition. He can hold his own jamming live with  "the best" players, whether they be rock shredders or be-boppers. He's built a huge following of admirers and friends, at numerous DreamCatcher guitar camps, where an international roster of students of all abilities come to learn and play together. His clinics and jams were a major draw for repeat attendees, myself included. Stig's private lessons are also chock-full of insights and accurately tailored to the student's needs and goals,  providing enough jam-packed guidance for months of personal study and practice."

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